Where will you fly next?

Qatar Airways landed at Federation Square to celebrate the introduction of the A380 aircraft on the Melbourne – Doha route. Federation Square became home to a state-of- the-art mixed reality activation that allowed the ‘passenger’ to fly the A380 to their dream destination, all with the power of their mind from July 2017. This activation uses electroencephalogram technology and EEG headsets to create an experience in which ‘passengers’ fly a virtual A380 – using only their mind as the control. When completed successfully, they go into the draw to win their own flights to one of Qatar Airways’ 40 European destinations. ‘Passengers’ who remain focus on their dream destinations will be able to keep their plane along the correct flight path.

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It was really fun, I had to concentrate and figure out where the plane was going!

My daddy can fly a plane with his mind!

A380, bring it on!

Merci, Qatar Airways!