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We fearlessly transform insights and trends into authentic engagement and compelling brand opportunities across content, culture and partnerships, and strategy and insights.

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Innovation & Design

We tirelessly deliver fresh perspectives and innovative thinking for UX designs — always combining strategic vision with thoughtful applications and flawless execution to connect culture and brands.

We’re Quite Multi-Disciplined

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Tours / Premieres / Launches / Openings / Media Events / Press Conferences / After Parties / Live Feeds / Satellite Feeds / Produced Live Shows/ Guest Management/ Location/ Themeing/ Entertainment Management/ Catering/ Compliance


Campaign Development & Management/ Brand Planning/ Target Market Insight/ Market Research/ Budget Management/ Briefing/ Implementation/ Execution/ Staffing


Integrated Marketing / Creative Concept & Direction/ Digital Ticketing Software IP / Press ID Software IP / Websites / Social Media & Tracking/ Invitations/ RSVPs/ Entry Passes/ Reporting/ Guest List Management


Products/ Guest Management/ Press ID/ Junket App/ Logistics/ Lighting/ AV


Media Relations / International Talent Tours / Junkets / Interviews/ EPKs / Unit Publicity / Media Nominations & Schedules / Red Carpet Management / Media Releases / Photography / Video Compiles / Talent Liaison & Management


Integrated/ Digital/ Third party/ grassroots/ media/ leveraging/ show bags/ merchandise

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